The aim of the cooperative society AGRARIO is to provide sustainable and profitable agricultural business to its members and clients in Latvia.

The cooperative society AGRARIO was founded in 2010 and has more than 100 members.

We offer to our members and clients :

  • Grain purchase (spot and future deals).
  • Transportation services (road transport all over Latvia, railway from Dobele station).
  • Set up pre-processing site in a farm on mutually acceptable terms.
  • SMS  service on grain prices.
  • Fertiliser and plant protection product sales.
  • Seed sales.
  • Agronomist consultations.
  • Fertiliser production by NPK formula  on customer order. 
  • Soil analysis and fertilisation plan development for four year period in cooperation with the company Agricon Latvija.
  • Seasonal financing of fertilisers and plant protection products.
  • Finansing of agricultural machinery.
  • Insurance services in cooperation with the insurance broker company Grand Broker.
  • Ensuring price for future crop by hedging.
  • Information support on tendencies in grain market -
  • Travels, educational seminars, field days with exchange of experience.

The values we base our development:

  • Agriculture in Latvia has future and land should be in hands of farmers.
  • Work with enviromentally friendy methods and practice crop rotation.
  • Cultivate and process plants which give the best added value.

In July, 2015 the production of alfalfa (lucerne) pellets and bales will be started in Dobele, Latvia. To read more about the project, please, click here.